Monday, 29 September 2008

Twice cooked veal sweetbread with saute Portland langoustine, caramelised onion

This plate is classy, elegant and packed with flavour. The sweetbreads are poached in an aromatic stock until medium rare, then pressed. They are then saute in foamy butter until cooked through. It is sitting on sliced onion which has been slowly cooked and topped with a rosemary scented froth. The langoustine is skewered with pearl onion on a rosemary stick and pan seared. Some rosemary blossoms finish the dish off with a lovely violet colour contrast.

My favorite thing

Here are a couple of scallop different scallop dishes that ive done in the past. Above is seared Shetland Island scallops sitting on spaghetti squash, with confit pork belly, saute calamari, apple vinaigrette
The dish above is seared scallops with walnut gnocchi, pumpkin puree, crisp Compte cheese. Wonderful fall flavours here and sexy to look at.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Blackmoor venison

This is wonderful venison sourced from a game supplier in the new forest called Blackmoor game. Cooked rare and served on a herb rosti and seasoned with smoked salt. The cabbage roularde is braised red cabbage wrapped in blanched savoy cabbage. The sauce is smoked chocolate and red currant. At the table we finish the plate with some freshly grated smoked chocolate

Lamb loin wrapped in mousse and spinach, aligot, olive jus

This dish lamb loin which is wrapped in chicken mousse and spinach and roasted at 160C until the core temperature is 38C. It is sitting on aligot which is a very creamy buttery potato puree finished with Pomerol cheese and creme fraiche. French beans are wrapped in bacon and then roasted and the jus is black olive.

Stuffed pumpkin

Last year we got in these fantastic baby pumpkins named Jack B Little from Rungis market. Ive just baked it very slowly, then scooped out the inside. It is filled with a creamy quinoa risotto and baby vegetables. It is served with a parmesan foam and watercress veloute, sitting on some beetroo0t discs. A very popular dish on the a la carte for the veges.

Thursday, 18 September 2008


Here is a roasted half pigeon, served with a potato pave, glazed beets, candied pistachio and pistachio cream and a pigeon jus tuille.

Slow poached chicken

This is a chicken breast cooked sous vide with buttermilk and thyme at 63C for 8 hours. Served with asparagus, morels and twice cooked potatoes

Blanquette de veau

This is a white veal stew served with vegetables in season and confit potatoes

Beef fillet

Here is a beef fillet glazed with a red onion marmalade and stilton, served with salsify and molten pont neuf which are made by making a thick potato soup and setting it with gelatin. Cutting them to size and pane in potato starch and instant potato flakes.

Halibut boulangere

This idea is taken from Marco Pierre White with his Turbot boulangere which is the fish topped with layers of slow cooked potato and onion and wrapped in crepinette, this version is served with a confit of young vegetables and a pickled mustard seed spiked jus.

Vitello tonnato

Warm veal cheek terrine, ravigote, tonnato sauce

Foie gras and pumpkin

This is a seared foie gras with a pumpkin seed cake to soak up that foie oil, toasted pumpkin seeds and silky puree, riesling reduction as the sauce


This dish is two seared scallops with an earthy wild mushroom risotto served with a rich red wine foam with a touch of acidity to balance the dish