Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Dogmersfield in Autumn

Good day to you all,
I apologies for the lengthy delay in posts. This is due to a much needed vacation in the United States. I took my family to visit Boston and Conneticut where we had a great time hooking up with friends and family.
After getting back to work and ploughing through my e mails i was set a task of creating an edible young vegetable patch for a VIP function which was taking place. "This sounds like fun" i remember telling myself and it was indeed fun!
I decided to create a patch of earth inspired by the ground which surrounds us at the hotel. Walking through the early Autumn woods i felt a crunch underfoot from the dead leaves. I noticed fallen branches peppered with moss, wild mushrooms growing around the trees and throughout the woodland. Auburn, burgandy and yellow leaves scattered around. Dead branches, fern leaves and small logs all took my attention as i tried to take in as much as possible and make an edible patch of earth. Below is one picture i took of the ground plus the photos i took of the room that the guests had dinner in, and also the edible remake of the Dogmersfield grounds.........

My apologies for poor picture quality in places...

mushroom duxelle
parsley and parmesan breadcrumbs
poppy seeds
beetroot crisps
parsnip crisps
carrot crisps
celery leaves
red amaranth
deep fried carrot tops
Jerusalem artichoke
purple potato filled with truffle creme fraiche

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Some dishes from this week.........

Strawberry gazpacho, seared scallop, crayfish and sushi rice
This was an amuse bouche, that was very refrshing and light.

Duck egg souffle, grilled puffa mushroom, tomato fondue, soya cream
With the egg we whipped the whites and placed the egg yolk into the centre. Wrapped in climg film, then steamed. The puffa mushrooms grow wild on the estate, they are like a huge ball, have a mild taste and soft texture. The soya cream is reduced soy sauce, sugar and double cream.

Cured mackerel, pink grapefruit, spiced bread, basil cous cous, red veined sorrel
We had some top quailty mackerel this week. Lightly cured in sugar and salt, baked with olive oil.

Assiette of Saddle back pork, caramelised Dogmersfield orchard apples, potato mousseline
The assiette is crispy ears, roasted loin, apple jelly glazed belly, braised cheek croquette.