Tuesday, 24 November 2009

This weeks plates............

Warm Vacherin on a bed of walnut, apple and raisin

Marinated Secretts farm vegetables
wild mushroom, herb crumbs, argan oil

Roasted medallion of cod
creamed fennel, warm beef tomatoes, cockle vinaigrette

Searing the beef on the salt stone

Rare salt stone seared organic beef skirt steak
gherkins, horseradish infused sour cream, trio of potato, spicy paprika sauce

Napoleon of Double Gloucester cheese and Autumn fruits
fresh clementine, Sicilian pistachio sable biscuit

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

This weeks du jour menu

New Forest venison carpaccio
pickled mousserons, pine nuts,smoked Lyburn cheese, sorrel, smoked pepper,
juniper sour cream

This is a very delicate starter. It is a dish that needs a balance of flavours and good seasoning. The oak smoked pepper works well with the venison and the smoky tones of the cheese help it along. The mushrooms lift the acidity of the dish as venison is quite rich. The juniper sour cream refreshes the palate with an aromatic twist.

Wild seabass poached in vanilla oil
crispy black lobster, honey wine sauce spiked with chervil
This is a light course with sweet flavours. The bass is poached at 55C in a grapeseed oil infused with Madagascan vanilla bean, for about 7 minutes. The lobster tail is coated in a tempura batter coloured with squid ink. The sauce is a cream sauce which is made with Riesling and honey wine, fresh chopped chervil is added just before saucing.

Beef three ways, seared fillet, braised short rib, crisp tongue
roasted root vegetables, liquid cepe gnocchi

This dish is strong with an Autumn feel to it. It showcases the different textures and flavours that come from one animal. The fillet is seared, roasted and sliced. The shortrib is braised through beef jus for 3-4 hours until falling off the bone. The tongue is poached in a court bouillion for approx 3.5 hours until tender, chilled, diced, brushed with dijon mustard an coate in herb breadcrumbs. The gnocchi are made using a cepe gnocchi dough, rolled and cut out, then filled with a cepe veloute set with gelatine and folded over, poached and fried in nut brown butter.

Espuma of Cerney goats cheese
dried fruit compote, oak ash

For this course i wanted a light tasty cheese mousse. I chose Cerney goats cheese for its fromage frais style texture and slightly citric notes from being so young. It is normally dusted in oak ash, which i find is a shame if ever its creamed or whipped because you have to scrape off the ash or the colour is very unappealing. So here we took 1 cup double cream and 1 cup whipping cream and 130g cerney. Boil the creams and add the cerney and blend in until smooth. Season lightly and add to an espuma gun charging it twice. Rest in the fridge for a good couple of hours and shake well before use. I made some oak ash to dust the top of the mousse to finish the dish and give the cheese back some of its identity of how it comes and should be served. It worked nicely and tasted great!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Taste of Hampshire menu

This weeks menu is started off with a sloe berry infused gin braised New Forest venison leg, topped with a root vegetable puree and then a potato mousseline espuma.
Sprinkled on top is root veg powder, rosemary, pine nuts and toasted cocoa nibs.

Followed by a wild Lymington seabass "en croute" with fennel, tomato,
grilled pink fir potatoes and saffron and orange veloute

Next up is a poached,then caramelised sirloin of organic Laverstoke park Hereford beef,
pied de mouton mushroom, braised bulgur wheat, purple mustard and port sauce

Cheese course is a delectable smoked Lyburn from the New Forest with red and white pear tartare, 40 second cinnamon cake and smoking cinnamon.

Who's playing with my camera??

Me, Ben and Larry on the line in full effect