Monday, 22 November 2010

Crisp potato galette, roasted vegetables, Eldren cheese, pesto cream, balsamic

Here is a vegetarian dish i have recently designed for the bistro menu. It is an easy pick up for that service demand and is also very tasty and hits the mark for a non meat eater as it is non of the usual suspect dishes that you find everywhere you go.
So far great respaonce from the vegetable massive!

Some recent plates

Here are some pictures of dishes from the past couple of weeks.

Warm cranberry and goats cheese sphere with crisp ham

Wild partridge wrapped in potato, seared foie gras, slow cooked leg, salami jus, garlic milk

Lasagna of seafood, squid ink pasta, langoustine nage, fresh dill

Wild New Forest mallard, le puy lentils, pancetta, roasted baby beets,
Pedro Ximinez vinegar butter emulsion

Cherwell cheese with fig carpaccio and fruit bread

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Bursting with flavour

Here is a dish recently from a du jour menu when i was covering in the restaurant. It is a fun cool, colourul presentation with a twist. The vinaigrette is inside the orb! I saw this dressing idea a while ago(although i cant remember where), and wanted to try it. I do like the fact that the guest will observe the plate and think "WTF" and then burst the ball and season the dish.

The dish is a New forest partridge salad with French beans, beetroot dusted with beetroot, smoked maple syrup, pickled apple vinaigrette.

This is me plating the main course from that week. Beef fillet en croute, roasted vegetables, and trio of red wine sauces.