Sunday, 20 April 2008

With a vegetarian wife i am under extreme pressure to create new dishes that appeal to the veggy. Fingers crossed, here goes. This is a vegetable pave with a black pepper and parmesan crust, lemon, carrot and beetroot coulis dots.

Here is a special tasting course i did for an important dinner. Lamb trio - Braised belly, confit shoulder, stuffed and rolled saddle, pomme robuchon, spring vegetables, rosemary jus. Nuff said!

Here is a cheese course with a twist. It is a Barkham blue cheese fondant, port reduction. The idea is the same as a soft chocolate fondant. Omit the sugar and add blue cheese instead of chocolate. Served with bourbon spiced pecans.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Confit pork belly, Rubinette apple puree, savoy cabbage and bacon

I love this dish. I am a big fan of pork belly. Here it is brined, then confit, then pressed. The skin is shaved off and seared crisp. The apple puree is made by vacuum packing the peeled apple dice with lots of rosemary and a little lemon juice. Simmer in water until cooked then puree. Pickled mustard seeds play a part in this dish by balancing the sweetness of the apple and giving a vibrant hot pop in the mouth.

Game marbre, pain d'epice, pomegranite syrup

Did this last November when game was at its prime. The terrine is layered with pork trotter(which was my gelatine), foie gras, then wild duck, pheasant, partridge, pigeon. Topped with a red wine reduction made from the trotter stock.

Grilled lamb cutlets, pea and goats cheese crush, roasted tomatoes, crisp bacon

All the flavours work here. The interesting twist is the goats cheese which is beaten in a small hobart with peas and torn basil and a touch of salt and pepper. Really beating hard breaks up the peas, then you roll the mix out onto paper to desired thickness, chill and cut. Great for spring.

Steamed green and white asparagus, poached duck egg, Woodfalls and herb cheese fondue

Ah, asparagus season is once again upon us. Here the asparagus is steamed and served with the fondue which is made from a great cheese from Loosehanger cheeses which you can find at the Winchester farmers market.

Goosenargh chicken ballontine, foie gras mousse, carrot salad

Here the legs are cured and confit in duck fat. Then flaked up and bound with some chicken glace and confit shallot, rolled then set. The mousse is sitting on hazlenut and thyme brioche crumbs. The coloured carrots are soused in muscatel vinegar and heaped onto the plate. The dressing is a parsley vinaigrette.

Seared foie gras, white and black risotto, green apple

Served this on my tasting menu. Everyone loved it. Small portion is all thats needed here.

Here is a home smoked salmon plate with a pink fir potato salad and an avocado ball filled with a cream cheese and creme fraiche base with capers, red onion, parsley, egg white and egg yolk. Tasty, yet simple and to the point.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Here is a rustic duck confit and foie gras terrine with a fresh pink fir potato salad flavoured with shallots and a little Moscatel vinegar.

Various amuse bouche

Here are a few amuse bouche creations from the past.
The trio is a smoked salmon and crab napoleon, a duck spring roll with tomato salsa, and a lamb fillet terrine with mustard marinated root vegetables. The triangle terrine is the famous lamb fillet terrine again with melted leeks and red pepper reduction. The pear is stuffed with foie gras and poached in slightly sweetened and spiced white wine, with fleur de sel and some fresh salad leaves. I love amuse bouche, it really gets you thinking and digging through the fridge.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Braised veal cheek, parsnip, vanilla, cocoa

A hot appetiser for the winter. Veal cheeks are extremely succulent when braised slowly in veal jus. Parsnips are great at that time of year and the vanilla and cocoa give a playful element to the dish.