Monday, 16 April 2012

Brunch series: Dish 2 - Tofu, Quinoa and Miso

Here is a vegan dish which has proved very popular with our guests. It is light, extremely tasty and has a good healthy list of ingredients. The dish features red and white quinoa, green kale, edamame beans, red pepper, broccoli, onion, chick peas, snow peas, a pinch of ground flax, hemp heart, cashew nut, baby spinach, cilantro and tofu. The dish is flavoured with a miso dressing which is used to glaze the quinoa also. I cook this dish all the time at home for my vegetarian wife. It can always be adapted to suit all needs. Add a chicken breasts or a hunk of sablefish or even a beef tenderloin. Taste great with all.!!
Dressing recipe is included below.

Omiso Dressing

3 bags miso paste
8 cloves crushed garlic
1/3 cup fresh grated ginger
¼ cup dry mustard powder
2 bottles rice vinegar
2 cups sesame oil
½ cup sugar
6 litres grapeseed oil


     Combine all ingredients and emulsify with a stick blender while slowly adding the oil.


  1. Tofu are best substitutes for vegetarians.

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    1. It certainly is a good substitute, although at the restaurant we have a lunch and dinner vegan menu. Highlight would be the vegan maccy cheese with almond milk, daiya cheese, truffle (option to have without for the die hard vegans out there), and chive.

  2. I'm mainly a carnivore, but whenever I want to eat something healthy but something that closely tastes like meat, tofu is one of my best substitutes! :)

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  4. I'm looking for ideas to make a fancy dinner for my girlfriend this weekend, so these recipes will really help create a fine dining experience. She's a vegan, so I think that this tofu, quinoa, and miso dish would be something she might like. Thanks for the post!
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  5. This recipe looks really good! I've never really had fancy food like this, so it would be fun to try some out sometime. There are a lot of ingredients that I wouldn't expect to be in this type of dish too. I'm all for trying unique types of food, especially when it's fine dining.